Speak Out, Lout (NA)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Welcome... A New Look, But the Same Discredited View of Things!

Hello, fellow troglobytes. Just thought I'd update things a tad and do a little exterior remodeling. You know, you get to a point where the medicine kicks in, and all those Rally's bags and sour milk needs to be tossed away.

Something about controlling the environment. I forget.

I decided to give a new appearance to the former "pink" blog, one that better displays latent violence and cowardly anonymity, which I read somewhere can be disguised as "collaborative cooperation and growing structural integrity of the systems that have come into operation in our intents to inform the public to the best of our abilities," which sounds rather like something coming out of the propganda section of a totalitarian regime, and so should confuse my followers, most of whom lack my advanced education and are easily lied to.

Anyway, same lunatic, drool-soaked ranting, different wrapper. BTW, if you see the mayor, please give him the finger on behalf of the Little People. Of New Albany. We play. By the rules. And get smaller, and smaller, and smaller.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The future of New Albany is too important ...

... to be left to the lunatic ravings of the cogenitally disaffected, and for that reason, I've created this satirical signpoint to New Albany's "citizens for democracy" troglodyte ghetto, where anonymous character assassination is defended as virtuous, and the worst angels of all our natures are lauded.

There will be no postings here, just the title.